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Doing Reality Check for Website with the Help of SEO

A website may not perform as well as expected by the owners. The traffic of the website may not be up to the mark. There may be so many reasons for the decline in the website traffic. This will lead to a proper analysis of SEO for the website and can be done smoothly by LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix.

Steps involved in the analysis of the website: The analysis of the website traffic is done using different software. The software may be at fault sometimes. There may not be any problem with the site for the downfall of traffic. The problem may rest with the analytical tool. The owners need not get panic when the problem is with the analytical tool and can breathe easily. LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix helps in analysing some common analytical problems. All most all the analytical tools seek the users to install the code. If the code is not installed the visits to the website will not be counted. While facing the problems of low website traffic it is better to recheck the instructions of the analytical code. Installation of analytics code involves strict procedures. Each procedure must be followed to avoid bad reporting.

Alteration of analytics code:  The alteration problem generally occurs when the developers make certain changes to the website code. During the process, they may make changes to the analytics code without knowledge. This may create problems for the website traffic. It always rests with the developers to double check the analytics code is still present and the tracking ID is correct. The change in the headers and footers result in the downfall of traffic as the same headers and footers will not appear on every page.

Analytical code error: Installing third-party codes will conflict with the existing code. It is better to check the new code installed when the traffic drops down immediately after its installation. Always go for other analytics tools to check the traffic while facing drop down with the current analytics tool. Having the second alternative is always recommendable.

Human errors may also cause a drop down in the website traffic. This can be created due to the removal of the entire URL from the search. This will result in the de-index of the page and people will not be able to find the page in the search results. Search console will help to track the URLs that are removed within the last six months. To find the removed URLs the users have to log in and check the concerned website. Strict actions must be taken for the access of search console to avoid removable of URLs. The parameters of the search console might be changed by the developers which will result in the downfall of the website traffic. All these problems must be analyzed carefully and safety measures must be taken to avoid further complaints.